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Nerdophiles Remembers Robin Williams

It’s hard to write an article like this. I promised myself I’d get through it without crying and yet here I am sobbing as I read through the submissions of my staff members and other tributes online and on Robin Williams’ IMDB page. His loss has been devastating to generations of fans around the world and the staff of Nerdophiles are no exception. Most of us grew up watching his movies – from childhood classics like Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire to more serious films like Good Will Hunting and the Dead Poets Society. He was truly a Hollywood icon but more than that he gave people hope. He made people smile. He gave us moments that will last forever and that we will share with our own families someday.

He wasn’t just an incredible actor – he was an incredible person. If you’ve following any of the coverage since his passing you’ll know that he was a great supporter of the USO, a loving father, and an absolutely genuine person all around.

We lost a truly amazing person yesterday.

It will be bitter sweet to see Robin Williams ride one last time as Teddy Roosevelt in the upcoming Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb when it comes out in December at Christmas time. He’ll also be seen this September in Merry Friggin’ Christmas later this year and lastly – and perhaps most fittingly for those of us who first met him as the Genie in Aladdin so many year ago – he’ll be lending his voice to Dennis the Dog in Absolutely Anything which should come out sometime next year.

I asked out staff to think of their favorite Robin William’s movie and share a few memories. You can read their responses below and, when you’re done, we’d love for you to share your own favorite films and memories in the comments.

Our staff remembers Robin Williams…

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  I took a 7 week coast to coast road trip after being laid off from Boeing. I didn’t have a camper but realized that being able to pull off the road at a rest or truck stop was the way to go to make the trip affordable. With a few sheets of 1/2” plywood and misc. hardware this is what I came up with. The effort was well worth the time and materials.


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